Paget Brewster Leads “Birdgirl” Series On Adult Swim

Ladybirds continue to have a good week.

Spun-off from the world famous Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law comes a new series called Birdgirl which sees Paget Brewster return in a starring role that will air on Adult Swim and be produced by Awesome Inc. Similar to the way Harvey had to balance saving the world with being an attorney, mild-mannered Judy Ken Sebben is the CEO of a company called Sebben & Sebben. After work, she teams up with her own Birdteam to clean up their own messes which leads to Judy having to try and maintain both her professional and extracurricular activities in interesting ways.

For those that don’t recall, Birdgirl was a part of ten Harvey Birdman episodes including the most recent Harvey Birdman: Attorney General special that was actually very good. No word yet on who else is going to be part of the cast nor how much more of the Harvey Birdman cast will be reprising their roles as well.

No premiere date has been announced as of yet for the half-hour series.

John Schwarz

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