March 25, 2023

John “On The Spot”: #2 of Animated Shows That Should Come Back

UPN(now known to most as MyTV) was a stupid TV network that had some great properties on it. The Howard Stern Show, WWE, and fucking Brendon Small’s “Home Movies” were all at one point or another on that network. “Home Movies” went on to Cartoon Network(and we know where that went), Howard Stern makes a shit ton of money, but the one show that never really got a shot was my favorite…Dilbert.

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John “On The Spot”: #5 of Animated Shows that Should Come Back

So yea, Arrested Development is coming back. I think its ironic that everyone is stoked for a show that used to be on, but no one watched but somehow became inspired to watch it on Netflix to warrant a return. Strange…anywho the creator of that show along with a majority of the Arrested cast were at once point in a show called “Sit Down, Shut Up”. Yet, another show that had Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and was created by Mitchell Hurwitz that no one watched…so what says this can’t come back?

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