Okay, so which one is the ‘Evil Elmo’ again??

He also goes by the name Adam Sandler…yea Elmo is still funnier.


It’s weird because I’ve seen this guy as I live near the NYC Metro area, but a guy by the name of Dan Sandler (sometimes he goes by Adam Sandler) frequently dresses up as Elmo from Sesame Street and parades around Time Square taking pictures with kids for cash. Evidently, this guy name is a homeless dude and he probably has some mental issues, but he can’t be too dumb because he tried extorting the Girl Scouts for $2 million. He would then somehow find a way to get from NYC to San Francisco where cops eventually arrested him. Dan would plead guilty then be ordered to do a couple of days of community service.

That said, it’s been a pretty shitty last 15 months for the ‘Elmo’ character as last year the guy whom voiced the popular character for many years got indicted on acts of child molestation and now all of the sudden a whole bunch of victims have come out of the wood work to claim similar charges. That said, who is REALLY the evil Elmo here?? In any case from what I hear the new person voicing ‘Elmo’ just isn’t the same making me think that the one-time hottest toy ever (Tickle-Me Elmo was HUGE at one point) maybe someone should scrap this character all together. Your thoughts?

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