NYCC2017 Recap: Explosion Jones

IGN is so bad at hosting panels, it nearly ruins the programming.

Courtesy: go90

El Rey Network’s Explosion Jones had a panel at NYCC 2017 that featured the likes of Michael Madsen, Viv Fox, Carl Weathers, and the creators of the series. Oh, and less we forget the guy who runs the IGN TV editorial department and has yet to post a byline for the series, Matt Fowler was your host for the panel.

The panel was solid in terms of celebrity power, fans loved the stories that Michael, Carl, and Viv were telling about some of the movies they’ve done and why they decided to do Explosion Jones and we even got to watch the show’s first episode that is already streaming on go90 and El Rey Network. But in terms of getting new info for future episodes or new seasons or possibly expanding the franchise, Matt did a great job of not asking any of those questions and instead star fuck the cast as much as he could. Gotta love IGN-hosted panels!


But go watch Explosion Jones, it’s really great.

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