Nine NFL Players Get Simpsonized

NFL Simpsonized

It seems like nowadays if you haven’t been turned into a Simpsons character, you’re nothing. So what do you do when the show doesn’t ask you to guest star on it? Just get some talented artist, like Adrien Noterdaem, to “Simpsonize” you.

In honor of this young NFL season, Noterdaem and Bleacher Report released Simpsons versions of nine players, which include Jay Cutler, Peyton Manning, J.J. Watt, Tom Brady, Marshawn Lynch, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, Richard Sherman, and Jimmy Graham.

Few stray notes: I really enjoy how Manning has the signature red mark from his helmet on his head, and Lynch is holding a pack of Skittles. Also, where’s RG3’s injured ankle? (Ouch, too soon?) And although Tom Brady is no doubt a superstar (superstar douchebag, am I right?) isn’t it a waste to animate him considering he was already on The Simpsons? Kudos on making this different from the existing version though. Oh, and I dig the Simpsonized typography too.

With the two best parts of fall – the return of football and the return of The Simpsons – combined in this artistic effort, you can’t lose. Unless you’re a Giants fan, like me. In that case, you’ll have plenty of opportunities.

[via Bleacher Report]

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