New Zealand To Air First English Speaking Adult Animated Series On TV In Ten Years

Should’ve been sooner.

It’s been ten years since New Zealand had it’s answer to The Simpsons in the form of bro’Town which I hear is in pre-production for a feature-length movie, but until that happens, we’ve got a new original adult animated series born in New Zealand that’s set to premiere on Maori TV this July.

The adult animated comedy Aroha Bridge orbits around Māori twins Kowhai and Monty Hook as they juggle a hectic extended family, a political hot-bed for a hometown, and a tragicomic struggle for stardom. The series is set to premiere July 25th @ 8 pm and will be available in both Maori and English dubbed language versions.

The series comes from creator Jessica Hansell who is both the writer and star of the series with other cast members including Rizvan Tu’itahi, Madeleine Sami, Scotty Cotter, and Frankie Stevens in supporting roles with direction coming from Simon Ward and the series being written by Jessica Hansell.

You can watch the web series here to get a sense of what to expect, but starting July 25th, Aroha Bridge goes primetime!

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