New Gen:Lock Teaser Reveals Two More Pilots!

What do we say to the God of Death? You better have a giant robot.

Another day, another Rooster Teeth Expo, leading with another exclusive reveal for their upcoming animated show, Gen:Lock. The show has already been reaching hype critical mass since the announcement of Michael B. Jordan in the lead role of Julien Chase, and has only grown with other cast announcements like Dakota Fanning and David Tennant. Today brought one more to the fold with the reveal of Game of Thrones star Maise Williams, as well as a new character teaser for her character, Cameron MacCloud, along with Koichi Yamadera’s Kazu Iida.

Like the last teaser, this carries on the story of Tennant’s Dr. Weller pitching pilot candidates to Monica Rial’s Col. Marin. Picking up where the last left off, with the recruitment of Yasamin Madrani, we find out she and Chase have apparently been a good double act on the battlefield. Building on this good will, Dr. Weller tries pulling for some better armor for the mechs, which apparently is similar to a previous generation of mech, the Strider. When that doesn’t work, he moves on to his next two candidates: MacCloud, a “creative coder”, and Iida, a former tank driver who was demoted to cook. Apparently combatability with the Gen:Lock program is pretty rare, so regardless of Marin’s objections, it seems they’re stuck these guys.

The main thing to gleam from this in relation to the other teasers is theme of building on each other to make a whole. As the team gains components, so do the mechs, as seen with the focus on the skeletons in the last teaser and the addition of armor in this one. It’s also nice to see some visual variety between the mechs, even if it’s only making Yadrani’s yellow, and the additional worldbuilding of showing us previous models. Sadly, there isn’t a ton to say about the characters themselves besides their descriptions, but I am a little concerned about MacCloud’s character GIF going into some…cringy territories.

We’re still four months out from Gen:Lock’s January release, so we likely have a couple more teasers coming our way before then. In the meantime, check out the new teaser for yourself and stay tuned here for future updates.

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