Netflix Announces “A Whisker Away”, New Anime Film From Sailor Moon director Junichi Satoh




When it comes to dating, budding relationships can be a challenge…especially nowadays! But, it could always be worse. For example, imagine if your a girl who flirts with a guy, only for him to show no interest. He DOES show interest in cats, so if you turn into one, he’ll be all over you.

That’s essentially the premise for A Whisker Away, when student Muge attempts to make a pass at fellow student Hinode, he seems not to care until Muge finds a mask that turns her into a cat that he seems to prefer. Problem is, if Muge stays a cat for too long, she’ll stay one.

The film comes from Colorido and from Sailor Moon director Junichi Satoh and Anohana writer Mari Okada. The film drops on Netflix on June 18th.

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