NBC announces Jeff Dunham special


When he’s not involved in lawsuits, Jeff Dunham is one of the most commercially viable performers on television. After selling 7 million DVDs and garnering some of the highest ratings in Comedy Central history, NBC has announced that they are teaming up with the world’s biggest ventriloquist for a new one-hour special that will air this fall.

It’s called Jeff Dunham: Unhinged In Hollywood, a Dolby Theater housed production that will include a performance from Brad Paisley (why?), UFC Champion Chuck Liddell (why, why?) , and all of Dunham’s suit case full of pals. The special will air on September 17th @ 8 pm ET/PT, and it will feature new stand-up bits as well as behind-the-scenes material. If you miss it or if you want to relive the performance over and over again, NBC will release a Blu-Ray and DVD later this year that will include additional live stand-up footage from the special.

So who are you most looking forward to seeing at the Jeff Dunham special? Let us know in the comments below!

John Schwarz

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