“Mortal Kombat” The Animated Movie In The Works?

This could work.

This dude at Revenge of the Fans is working his inside source at WB Animation like a second job. Earlier this week, he’s posting unsubstantiated information about a slew of WB animated movies in the works, and now he’s throwing up a potential cast for an upcoming animated film inspired by Mortal Kombat with Joel McHale attached to star. All of this ramp up is ahead of the company’s move to launch a streaming service that AT&T has been touting ever since they bought WarnerMedia. With only a 10% stake in Hulu, it’s like AT&T is probably going to sell off that stake to either Disney or Comcast, then do their own services loaded with content which will most likely include the likes of series from Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and others.

Anything live-action inspired by a video game is normally trash, but with Castlevania doing well over on Netflix with other game franchises rumored to join it, Mortal Kombat is the perfect type of franchise that could help gain a whole bunch of audience. The game is routinely WB Games’ top-selling games and for good reason, it’s always well-produced. So if this animated Mortal Kombat movie does come to pass, here’s hoping that it works.


John Schwarz

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