Lucasfilm Renews Trademark for “Star Wars Detours”

According to Reddit…

Before Disney had made the purchase of the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas for a cool $4 billion, Lucasfilm was in production with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios for a new adult animated series inspired by Star Wars called Star Wars Detours which was a CG-animated parody of Star Wars that would have taken place in between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. 

The series would have starred Seth Green, Seth MacFarlane, and even some notable Star Wars cast members like Anthony Daniels and Billy Dee Williams. Unfortunately, like all things pre or post-Disney, the buyout would cause the project to be canceled. Welp, there must be SOME interest somewhere, because if these trademark filings are any indication, Lucasfilm has renewed the rights to the trademarks of the series which leaves open the possibility that the project would come back to life after being canceled before it was aired. 

That said, this is all just paperwork and nothing has been moved forward as of yet. But, suffice to say, someone at Disney was talking about Star Wars Detours and making sure Disney had the rights to the franchise.

John Schwarz

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