Leave the gun and take ‘The Cannolis’!

Now, I really want a cannoli…like the snack kind.



There have been a lot of stereotypical animated Italian ‘families’ on television, right?? From Fat Tony, to the hugely popular animated series Fugget About It in Canada, we almost have had as many cartoon families as we have had mobster movies like Goodfellas. Well, if the trailer for THIS show has any merit, it looks as though we ain’t through because from Ogilvy Entertainment we have The Cannolis! According to the Youtube channel, The Cannolis is said to be A new animated project the first ever MAFIA cartoon conceived as a hybrid of Family Guy and The Sopranos.Now, while I don’t know if these guys can claim to be the FIRST as we just mentioned Fugget About It whom does a pretty good job of laying claim, but to help their cause The Cannolis sure have picked up some legit voice talent. Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos) and Ramona Rizzo (Mob Wives)have signed on to the voice cast of OgilvyEntertainment’s original animated online series according to Deadline.com of whom also describes the family as:

Pastore will voice the character of Dominic Cannoli, the family’s kindhearted, hapless patriarch and Rizzo will take on the role of Dominic’s wife Theresa Cannoli. The cast includes the couple’s four terrifying children Nicky, Mirabella, Vito and Joey, as well as boozy Grandma Nora. The family’s bakery business provides the backdrop for the comedy, and the front for the family’s dodgy dealings with the neighborhood mob.

Now, the article lists the new talent as part of the second season of The Cannolis, which is odd because if you look at the channel there are only trailers and behind the scenes shit.  That said, you can like the show’s Facebook page then let us know what you think of the trailer.

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