Kevin Smith Begins Detailing Cast/Characters For “Howard the Duck”

Duck, duck, GO!

Kevin Smith is playing this flute in all the correct ways. The newly crowned co-producer (along with Aqua Teen’s Dave Willis) has begun detailing the types of cast and characters we can expect to see in the upcoming Howard the Duck animated series coming to Hulu. In totally Smith fashion, he’s had the franchise for a week, and he’s already leaking information. I can tell you, Aqua Teen producer Dave Willis is probably doing a lot of the heavy-lifting anyway and Smith continually acknowledges this which I think speaks to both how transparent Kevin is and just how hard of a worker Dave is.

In terms of tidbits, Kevin Smith has revealed a few. First up, the upcoming series has reached out to former star of the Howard the Duck movie in the form of Lea Thompson whom you might remember played the role of Howard’s girlfriend “Beverly Switzer”. Smith has revealed that the role hasn’t been officially disclosed yet, but I would put ten feathers on Lea reprising her role as “Beverly”. Smith has also revealed that we can expect to not only see Beverly in the upcoming series but supervillain Doctor Bong as well. That said, Kevin’s doing the smart thing by putting this franchise in the hands of Dave Willis who will be tasked with putting together the writer’s room sometime later this year with an expected premiere of the show not to happen until late next year. In fact, Howard the Duck will be the last of The Offenders series to premiere before the team-up happens.

We’re gonna have to wait a bit before this thing hits the shores, but already, Howard the Duck sounds as if it will be done correctly.

John Schwarz

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