Kevin Clash (Elmo) Lawsuits get thrown out

YAAAAAY!!! American Justice works (not)!!


We talked a lot about Kevin Clash aka the former voice of Sesame Street’s ‘Elmo’ getting a whole bunch of law suits thrown at him on child molestation charges. Well, now it looks as though Kevin will be able to walk a free man because according to A U.S District judge ruled Monday that Clash’s accusers had six years to file claims against the Elmo voicer and all missed the deadline.

Yep, America is grand. In a country where a guy could get 10-20 years for selling pot we get this guy going off without a hitch. I think the idea of deadlines in a case like this are BS especially when they see someone like Jerry Sandusky at Penn State where it took a number of years for a lot of those victims to come forth due to things mostly due to the fact that these kids were afraid. My theory is, OK if only ONE person came in with claims that may be one thing, but if multiple people come in with same/similar claims then there is no excuse, this guy Kevin should be locked up and thrown in the slammer.

Then again, we live in a country where people help pay another child molester’s court fees by way of Dragon Con. 

John Schwarz

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