Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure:Stardust Crusaders Coming to Toonami!

About Damn Time!

In a recent annoucement from Anime Expo 2017’s Viz Booth, Toonami has announced that Season 2 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure “Stardust Crusaders” will be english dubbed and officially be part of the Toonami Block starting July 29th at 12:30am

Based on the Part 3-Arc of the Manga, the story takes place in 1987 where Joseph Joestar’s half-Japanese grandson Jotaro Kujo locks himself up from harming people believing to be possessed by an Evil Spirit only for Joseph to help him discover that it’s actually a superpower that needs to be controlled called a “Stand”. As the story unravels, Jotaro discovers that not only do other Stand User’s Exist, but an old enemy from the Joestar family’s past has returned from his 100-year imprisonment to wreak havoc.

Here’s the Trailer to the big announcement.

Our Take.

While the first & second arcs were covered in Season 1, The 3rd story-arch in the Jojo saga Stardust Crusaders is considered to be the most popular & iconic in the franchises’s 30 year history to the point that Capcom years ago even made a video game based on it’s plot during the late 90’s which was my introduction to the franchise during my youth. I hope to be along for the ride when it premieres near the end of July. ^_^

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