Its Webs Day!! Superfuckers (@superf_ckers), Star Jerks and Suck Tower(@SUCKTOWER)!!

Its another new edition of Webs Day and its a round of all new shows! This week, we take a look at a new series from Cartoon Hangover called Superfuckers plus two new shows from Mondo, Suck Tower and Star Jerks. Find out what we thought of the new shows after the jump!


Superfuckers-Episode 1

This week we’ve got the new one from Cartoon Hangover called “Super Fuckers.” This toon centers around a group of teen super heroes with no real superpowers to speak of. Jack “The Mother Fucker” is bored out of his gourd, so he joins Ultra Richard on the couch. While Jack slings insults at Ultra Richard, he’s using his x-ray vision to watch the girls in the next room dress. This enrages Jack, partly because his girlfriend, Princess Sunshine, is in that room but really he’s pissed because Ultra Richard won’t describe what he sees. So, Jack heads next door to catch a glimpse for himself where we see Princess Sunshine brushing her hair and Grotessa getting dressed. Princess Sunshine is counting aloud each brushstroke of her hairbrush which is pushing Grotessa to her limit. As it turns out, Princess Sunshine has to brush her hair 1000 times to recharge her yet unknown super power. Also, we find out that Princess Sunshine hates Grotessa and will be using her relationship with Jack, and his  powers, to kick her off the team. Jack walks in to what he assumes is a lesbian make out session and leaves in disappointment when the girls scream at him and kick him out for being chauvinistic and acting somewhat dickish. Jack and Ultra Richard take a walk which in turn Ultra Richard gives a hilarious life lesson via song.

The art leaves a bit to be desired, but that is more than covered by the writing. The voice actor that plays Jack kinda sounds like Pauly Shore to me which isn’t a bad thing (although, can being compared to Pauly Shore ever be considered a good thing?). I also can identify with Ultra Richard because, my name is Richard and I “live in a paradise of my own mental retardation!”  There are some issues but I’ll keep watching!


 Star Jerks-Pilot

Next up we’ve got the pilot episode of Mondo’s new show “Star Jerks.” This episode takes place in what seems like every Star Trek: The Next Generation episode ever made. The Enterprise crew is negotiating a peace treaty with the Romulans, when all of a sudden a souped up VW bus comes flying through the front window. Fortunately for the rest of us, the bus kills Wil Wheaton in the process. Out of the bus come DB (the stoner), Kristen (the goth chick) and Vance (the stereotypical YOLO idiot). Vance quickly takes a liking to Warf, confusing him as a dog and offering to walk him for $50. While this is happening, DB confuses the Ready Room as a Port-A-John and stinks up the place. After a quick macing for the already vision-less Geordi, the crew finds itself in an unexpected dance party. While Vance and Picard “Brance” with each other, DB operates what he thinks is the light board. Turns out its actually the Enterprise’s weapons system and he blows the Romulan’s ship up. A ton of Romulan ships uncloak and destroy the Enterprise, but not before our heroes(?) are able to flee. We are left with the image of Picard’s head floating into oblivion, all the while professing that he’s better than Shatner.

This was a pretty solid episode. I liked how the writers were able to combine something I like (Anything that involves space) with something I don’t (Jerks) and actually keep me interested the entire time. The show is only roughly 2 minutes long, which is one of the few gripes I have with this episode. But, its a solid effort for sure!



 Suck Tower- Pilot

Last up on the docket today we’ve got another Mondo pilot episode. This ones for the show “Suck Tower.” The show centers around two guys, Bardok and Garan, who are charged with defending a pretty crappy looking tower from monsters. Garan shows up at the door with a freshly killed “Walking Tree Thing” while Bardok is shooting flaming arrows at zombies. Garan is quick to point out that those aren’t zombies, but a leper colony that has taken refuge outside the tower wall. While this zombie/leper misunderstanding is winding down, “Third Guard Steve” or “Thurgard Steve” shows up. I’m gonna refer to him as Steve from now on. It doesn’t really matter what we call him because he’s actually a huge monster wearing human flesh. Steve convinces the two inept guards to bed down for the evening because the sun is too hot. Nightfall is upon the guards as Steve gains strength from the darkness. Steve is about to attack the sleeping guards when Bardok wakes up. Instead of realizing the dangers he is in, he slinks over to Garan’s bunk and begins the ritual of being “Blood Brothers” by using a dagger to cut his hand. While celebrating becoming Garan’s “best friend forever,” Bardok throws his hands up, and his dagger right between Steve’s eyes. Steve tumbles off the tower and down a cliff to a hideous thud. Garan is extremely upset at this turn of events. He considered Steve his only friend on the tower. Bardok then shows how far his friendship/obsession for Garan goes by eating some hair that he’s been cutting off Garan while he slept. Steve’s body gets picked off by a flying monster as we get a preview for next weeks show.

This show had its ups and downs. I loved the little “Suck Tower Tip” during the zombie/leper battle. There were a few lines that had me laughing pretty hard, but they were spaced out during the entire episode as the spots in between laughs were kind of dry. The animation was a little shaky and basic but it matched the tower scene perfectly so it gets a pass from me. I’ll be checking back again to give it another shot. Good Job!