“Hell Den” Q&A: A Chat with Showrunner Neil Garguilo

One-third Beavis and Butthead, one third Mystery Science Theatre 3000, one-third something much stranger, Hell Den is the latest offering on DrinkTV by LA-based improv group Dr. God. After growing a successful hometown following, working on a commentary series called Mockpocalypse, and selling their first feature (2015’s Bloodsucking Bastards), the group partnered with the food and alcohol-based streaming service to become one of their launch programs. The series concerns the last boy left alive during the apocalypse and the friends he makes watching classic cartoons. I sat down with Dr. God co-founder and Hell Den Showrunner/Executive Producer Neil Garguilo to talk about the show. 


Exclusive: Interview with RJ Fried of ‘Our Cartoon President’ Spills Season Two Secrets

As the Season 2 premiere of Our Cartoon President is just days away from its debut, fans are on their toes about what kind of wonderful satire they’ll be able to see in the new season. With such an overly charged political climate, there’s no telling who or what will be thrown into the upcoming episodes a center for parody. Until the release of the newest episode on May 12th at 8pm(EST) on Showtime, fans can rejoice:


Corner Gas Animated Q&A with Creator Brent Butt

Up in the great white north, we do not have many celebrities that can be considered icons – at least not many that don’t play hockey.  However, Brent Butt is a face and a name that is recognizable from Vancouver to Halifax.  The creator of one of Canada’s most celebrated sitcoms has helped to redefine what comedy and entertainment can look like from a country whose media has always been overshadowed by their neighbors to the south.

Butt has continued to break ground with the popularity of his latest endeavor, Canada’s first major primetime adult animated sitcom, Corner Gas Animated.  I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Brent Butt recently to discuss how Corner Gas Animated came to be, what it means for Canada, and what we can expect from the second season.  The following interview was edited and condensed for clarity purposes.