IGN And BallisLife Try To Get In On Bleacher Report’s Action With New Sports Toons

IGN gets swatted at a game they shouldn’t be playing in the first place.

IGN isn’t very good at reporting on cartoons, so I’m not surprised that we broke this story over them, even if it is their own production released now a week ago. In fairness, I don’t think anyone would equate IGN with doing any football-related anything in the first place, but here we are! In what appears to be an attempt to get some of that animation biz that Bleacher Report gets with their offerings, other websites like IGN and BallisLife have revealed new original animated series inspired by the NFL and NBA respectively.

For IGN, it’s a new short called Space Football League that sees the Rams in a sort of Star Trek parody. So far the consensus is that the pilot episode isn’t on par with say Gridiron Heights, but then again, IGN has always been a day late and a dollar short.

Ballislife, likewise, has an animated series of its own called Real Ballers of the Associationa paradoxical animated look at the current events transpiring in the NBA. Everything from Jimmy Butler wanting out of Minnesota to what would happen if the league were a high school. Of the new series, this is the better one by a mile and should be checked out by hoops fans.

John Schwarz

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