One Piece Season 10 Part 1 DVD
Pre-order here before it releases June 9th, 2020!

One Piece Season 10 Part 1 contains episodes 575-587 of the anime directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto.

The Straw Hats help a tiny stowaway rescue her father, but the mission turns into an all-out brawl of gigantic proportions when the Neo Navy steps in. Then, when a distress signal draws half the crew to an island engulfed in flames, they find that they’re not the only ones split apart. While fending off a creature straight out of a fantasy tale, Luffy comes across the walking, talking, bottom half of a samurai who is searching for his son. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang gets caught in a laboratory, but their escape is foiled when they stumble upon a room full of quarantined children. It’s time for Nami to make a split decision!

Special Features: Episode 576 Commentary, Commercials, Textless Opening Song

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