Here’s the Irony In The Outrage Over “Euphoria’s” Animated Sequence Featuring 1D Bandmates

Are we for real?

HBO’s Euphoria is the company’s answer to Netflix’s younger-skewing programming like Sex Education and 13 Reasons Why and they needed a show like this badly. A network with efforts that feature Western settings, dragons, and the like certainly needed to make sure they adhere a bit to the fan base and it sounds like it’s certainly working. Similar to the aforementioned series, the show is great at stirring up controversy and questioning the status quo and this is most evident in the show’s recent episode entitled “Made You Look”.

Early on in the episode, we meet Kat (played by Barbie Ferreira), a young college student who is self-conscious about her weight and enjoys producing her own fan-fiction. In the first instance, it’s a love-making session between One Direction members Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles that is depicted with an anime-like sequence that probably doesn’t even make it to 90 seconds. Later on in the episode, Kat continues her detachment from society by participating in cam-girl sessions for cash that affords her a new wardrobe that she hopes helps attract more boys.

As expected, when the 1D fans heard about two members in their favorite band hooking up, even in a faux setting, shit hit the fan so much that Louis Tomlinson himself commented on the situation. 

The irony is the subject of the controversy and maybe something that Barbie Ferreira has been such a strong advocate for in recent years. Overlooked is the topic at hand, a chubby girl being shunned by society, and in its place is controversy surrounding a more paradoxical take, not unlike the type of teen girl fan fiction portrayals we see from Tina in Bob’s Burgers or Lisa from The Simpsons, other examples of social pariahs yearning for more acceptance by their peers. I, personally, and granted this is coming from someone who doesn’t give two shits about anything Louis Tomlinson has to say about anything, haven’t heard Louis once donate to any causes or charities concerning people who suffer from mental abuse as a result of body dysmorphia which is usually less self-inflicted and only made aware of when brought upon by social peers.

If the social outrage caused by the animated sequence in question brings more awareness to women that Barbie is attempting to portray here I’m all for it and Louis/Harry should probably make a bigger deal out of that rather than whether or not they were part of an animated sequence inspired by events that may or may not have happened. We have bigger fish to fry, like kids being on the wrong end of mental abuse that may cause a number of well-known issues like self-inflicted pain, suicide, and a probable cause (in conjunction with over-prescription of medications) for the increase in mass shootings in school settings. Not whether or not you were part of a fantasy scenario.

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