Henson Relatives Slam Departed Kermit Performer

This party may just be getting started.

The controversy over Steve Whitmire’s firing is starting to get even crazier. Now, Jim Henson’s daughter and son, Cheryl and Brian respectively, are calling bull shit on the former Kermit performer’s statement and are noting that Steve Whitmire was more or less a nightmare to work with and that his firing should’ve gone down years ago.

Apparently, Whitmire was a pill to deal with during the short-lived The Muppets on ABC, and would often make outrageous demands and expect royal treatment due to Kermit’s status as the face of The Muppets brand. As a result, Brian and Cheryl had had enough and just finally got rid of Steven Whitmire after 27 years and instead turning to Matt Vogel as the new performer for Kermit.

Something tells me this dispute is far from over, and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone decides to take legal action against the other.


John Schwarz

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