HBO MAX’s Andy Forssell Wants To #SaveTheVentureBros



Andy Forssell (EVP & GM, WarnerMedia Direct-to-Consumer) isn’t known as an avid Twitter, and to be honest he’s probably a better person than all of us on just that front. The longtime executive has held top posts at screaming services like Hulu and Otter Media (parent company to Crunchyroll), so I’m sure a lot of it is being a busy, busy, bee.

That’s why when Andy decides to Tweet, it’s a big deal. The fact that Andy has decided to respond to #SaveTheVentureBros, is an even bigger deal. The behind-the-scenes folks at Adult Swim have long-promised some sort of resolution to bringing back Venture Bros., if not for a full season, then at least some sort of special or feature-length that would help wrap up some of the loose ends from the show’s previous season. While nothing has been made official yet, this Tweet from Andy, sounds promising:

The Venture Bros fans are passionate, but incredibly civil. I’ve received tons of emails, all of which are short very well written notes, oozing with politeness. Class fans. Nothing imminent, but know that we’re working on it.

A very sweet note from a very busy guy. As Andy notes, nothing is imminent, and even if something were to be greenlit today, it certainly wouldn’t be for 2021 given how long the Doc Hammer/Jackson Publick show takes to produce.


Thrilling action-packed adventure meets acute family dysfunction in the award-winning animated series The Venture Bros.

In this spoof of 1960s cartoons such as “Jonny Quest” and boys’ adventure novels like the “Tom Swift” and “Hardy Boys” series, the Venture brothers–Hank and Dean–travel around the world with their renowned scientist father, Doctor Venture. Fraternal twins Hank and Dean are total idiots who think, act and talk like they’re in the ’60s, even though they’re 21st-century teenagers. Doc Venture, who really can’t stand his dimwitted sons, pops “diet pills” like candy. Doc reeks of failure and unrealized potential, but he hopes his new invention will bring him the glory and respect he has long sought. Meanwhile the family bodyguard, Brock Sampson, is a former secret agent who responds to any and all crises with relentless, remorseless brutality.

When trouble erupts, whom are you going to call? Anyone but The Venture Bros.

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