Gen:Lock Rounds Out Cast, Drops Second Teaser Featuring Tennant

You “don’t want to go” another second without watching this!

RTX 2018 began its festivities in full force on Friday, with announcements about their upcoming and returning animated shows, including their newest 3D series that may put Pacific Rim to shame, Gen:Lock. We received newly confirmed cast members for the main cast, including some distinguished in-house talent. Members of the RWBY cast join in the fray, with Lindsay Jones voicing Razzle, Chase’s squadron leader from his previous unit, Miles Luna takes on Miguel “Migas” Garza, Chase’s best friend, and show creator Gray Haddock portrays Leon, a mech unit leader. They will also be joined by Camp Camp’s Blaine Gibson as Gen:Lock recruit Sinclair, and Death Battle’s Chad James as Jodie, friend to Dakota Fanning’s Miranda, in addition to Jordan, Fanning, Yamadera, and Tennant.


The other big piece of news regarding the show is the reveal of a new teaser, which acts as both a sequel and a redo of the initial trailer first seen at the end of RWBY Volume 5. We get our first listen in on David Tennant in the role of Dr. Rufus Weller, inventor of the titular Gen:Lock technology, taking over for the uncredited actor who played a similar role in the first trailer, which focused on Julien Chase. Just as in that, Weller discusses the acquisition of a new pilot for the program with a belligerent Col. Raquel Marin. The pilot in question this time is Yasamin Madrani, a former combat pilot with comparable experience to Julien, but needed to transfer from the “Mesa Detainment Center.” Along with further hints as to the nature of organizations like the Vanguard, this matches the first trailer in many ways and hopefully will set the stage for future reveals leading up the January premiere.

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