Gene Hoglan Has Hope For A Metalocalypse Revival


Dethklok/Testament drummer Gene Hoglan was recently on the EverBlack Podcast where he talked up the future of Dethklok/Metalocalypse as it pertains to the upcoming year. From the sounds of it, the upcoming Dethklok appearance at the Adult Swim Festival could be an olive branch from the network to Brendon Small in hopes of a potential reconciliation that would come to pass that could include future tour dates from the band and perhaps more episodes of the series.

Adult Swim kind of fucked with fans about the Metalocalypse cancel, but Gene says that the fans coming out at Hulu HQ in demanding a pickup may have been the impetus that got the ball rolling on their being hope of a positive outcome that would make everybody happy. I mean, when Mark Hamill and Gene Hoglan, two gods of their respective craft, come out in solidarity to say that Adult Swim fucked up here, you tend to listen.


John Schwarz

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