A couple weeks ago  Brendon Small mentioned that if his new project Galaktikon sells well that he would be interested in doing a comic book, hell maybe even an animated series  based on the album. Welp, if the recent sales of the album are an indicator of anything, it might mean we may never get to see the light of day for any of these cool projects as according to Nielsen’s Soundscan Galaktikon’s first week sales are at about 1,206 copies which is a far cry from the first Dethalbum which sold just under 34,000 copies and even further south from Dethalbum II which sold 45,000 copies its first week. And no you can’t use the whole “Technorati streamed the Galaktikon album before it came out, hence the lack of sales” because I know a week before the first Dethalbum came out that AOL MUSIC did the same thing.

Cybertron recently did a review of Brendon Small’s Galaktikon and gave it a 9/10 score. What did YOU think of Brendon Small’s latest effort? If you want to still buy the record you can on www.brendonsmall.com

John Schwarz

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