FX Networks Announces Renewal Of “Cake” and “Archer” Season 11 As Part Of 2020/2021 Slate



As terribad as the first season of Cake was for FXX, is just how good the second season was. The live-action/animated anthology television series improved leaps and bounds over the prior season giving us numerous adult animated series that could very well become fully-fledged television shows if given the opportunity. Certainly, Psychotown showcases the ever-growing talent pool from Australia whilst Walt and even the Joe Bennett Collection showcased sub-genres like horror, buddy comedy, and the like that could be apropo to anything Adult Swim has today.

While we await word on FX’s hopeful mission to try and order an animated series to complement Archer and the array of syndicated series that marathon like crazy on FXX, FX Networks has announced that Cake has been ordered to a third season and that the eleventh season of Archer is still very much in production despite the delays announced earlier this year.

FX Networks is expected to announce some pilot orders and such over the next couple of weeks, hopefully we’ll get a new animated series out of it. Keep it locked here as we investigate.