Review: Futurama “Radiorama”

Four long years after the animated series seemingly ended for good, the entire Futurama cast has returned for a one-shot installment. Also, a Futurama mobile game called Worlds of Tomorrow launched a few months ago, I wonder if the timing is just a coincidence?

As we’ve pointed out on this site before, the twist of the new episode is that it’s a podcast, so the series’ instantly recognizable art style has been abandoned in favor of a War of the Worlds-style radio play format. It’s also double the usual length, which doesn’t have any obvious reasoning behind it like the new format, but definitely increased my anticipation.


Here’s A List Of The 11 Grossest Fat F*cks In Adult Animated History

Hey look, everyone gets a little soggy from time to time, but what’s great about adult animation is when the producers of TV shows make characters so fat and gross you wonder how they’re alive. Now, don’t confuse this piece with fat-shaming, that’s not what we’re doing. We’re looking for characters that are slabby fat fucks that gorge themselves in cartoonish ways that are just not humanly possible. That said, the last decade or so, the concept has really gone wild, and it seems there’s a new entry added every year. Multiple franchises are represented here, but feel free to sound off in the comments below if we’re missing anyone.