Futurama RadioPlay Drops Today

Does it work?

A new episode of Futurama is available today for streaming…kinda. It’s actually an episode of the Nerdist podcast made out to be a new episode called “Radiorama”, sponsored by Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrowthe latest mobile game from TinyCo inspired by Futurama.

The radioplay episode of Futurama features all your favorite characters from the classic franchise with guest star Chris Hardwick as himself but with his head in a jar ala Richard Nixon.


Our Take

I’m not sure this is a replacement, instead, the Futurama radioplay should be considered the side boob equivalent of getting the full frontal that would be getting a legit brand-new episode of Futurama. Still, though, it’s nice to get the gang back together for some original content.












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