From The Creator Of “The Simpsons” Comes “Trump’s Rhapsody”



Is there a bit more controversy behind-the-scenes as to why Matt Groening and Dan Castellaneta didn’t produce this as a short for The Simpsons? It’s possible that given all of the political correctness going on with the show as of late, that they probably fear doing anymore shorts that might upset higher-ups at Disney so “we might as well make them ourselves and put them on Youtube”.

I get it, and in the Dwayne Carey-Hill-directed short, “Trump’s Rhapsody” that you can watch below, it’s not unlike the numerous clips that The Simpsons used to do featuring Trump over the last year or so. In this case, we get a ballad as to why Donald Trump is so grumpy all of the time. My personal opinion is because he eats shit all day long which leads to his obesity and mood swings and is probably on some sort of narcotic which would explain his constantly slow delivery of quips and jokes that don’t really land anyway.


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