FLCL Alternative Releases Trailer Traditionally!

Life can’t wait forever, and neither can the next season!

Hot off the heels of the…perfectly adequate FLCL Progressive, Adult Swim and Production I.G. get ready to kick off the second half of their team up revival of the classic anime FLCL. The new trailer finally gives us a listen at this season’s voice cast in action, as well as some intriguing imagery to get our theories circulating before the release on September 8th.

Compared to the original series, which followed a grade schooler, and Progressive, which followed a middle schooler, Alternative centers on Kana Kawamoto, a 17 year old on the verge of completing high school with her four friends, but don’t have the foggiest clue as to what to do with their lives going forward. Enter Haruko Haruhara, who throws a wrench into their normal lives as she usually does. Honestly, it would be more insulting if she didn’t at this point. And of course, we have a ton of giant robots and guitars swinging around because I guess it wouldn’t quite be FLCL if they didn’t.

The animation looks a LOT tighter than Progressives to be sure, meaning this will at least be much easier on the eyes, and give us something to marvel over as we await the release of Alternative this September.

David Kaldor

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