Final Space Season Three Gets Start Date With Trailer On Adult Swim

Adult Swim has released the new trailer for Final Space season three with a premiere date for not only the Adult Swim premiere, but when the show’s first two seasons will show up on HBO MAX. We’ve been reporting on all of the season three news of which Olan promises will be a more ambitious endeavor when it premieres in 2021 for Adult Swim. The series has been a ratings monster for Adult Swim, having seen an increase in viewership for the franchise of about 30% whence compared to the first season which aired on TBS.

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Final Space Season 3 PREMIERES MARCH 20TH @ 10:30PM on adultswim
Stream Seasons 1 & 2 on HBO Max in the USA / MARCH 1ST


Picking up where things left off, season three brings unexpected twists and turns as Gary and the crew enter final space to rescue Quinn. After discovering they are now trapped, the stakes get even higher as the crew must do whatever it takes to survive.

With Invictus and Lord Commander determined to capture Mooncake in an attempt to use him to grow even more powerful, Gary and the crew’s only hope is to team up with Earth’s sole survivor. Together they must find a way out before it’s too late.

Final Space is created by Olan Rogers and executive produced by Emmy award-winner David Sacks (The Simpsons). The series is produced by Conaco and New Form.


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