“Final Space” Creator Floats Idea For Tour That Showcases Season Two Episodes

I’m in.

I just said this the other day. There’s no show creator in the business right now working harder than Olan Rogers at getting Final Space out there for the masses. Not relying on the PR departments of WarnerMedia is a stroke of genius and clearly it’s working because he literally willed the second season pickup of the series into happening and now here we are mere months away from seeing Final Space Season Two on Netflix.

But what if we got to see it earlier? That’s what Olan is teasing in a recent Instagram post where he lobs the idea of a Final Space-themed tour where for $20 fans get a panel with a Q&A and a possibility of seeing up to FOUR (!!!!) new episodes of Final Space even before they air. Is it a good idea?

Our Take

Yes and yes and yes. Kevin Smith, Bob’s Burgers, Archer, and even in a certain respect, the Rickmobile have traveled the country in making sure fans get a first-hand experience for the show but also spread the word to a potential unknowing audience that could potentially be fans in the future. Lazy PR people relying on Comic-Con rooms where, at best, a thousand show up to get insight into a series or film, are going to be in for a rude awakening when everything is streaming.

John Schwarz

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