“Family Guy” & “The Simpsons” Make Changes To POC Characters Voiced By White Actors




In the latest sign of political correctness winning various battles in the war against freedom of expression in the areas of animation which have seen casualties recently with the likes of Big Mouth and Central Park, FOX’s two biggest animated franchises are looking to follow suit in making sure white people never voice PoC characters again.

First up, Mike Henry is stepping down as the voice of “Cleveland” on Family Guy, which should all but squash the Brown family altogether given that he is also the voice of “Rallo Tubbs”.

Next, producers of The Simpsons say that moving forward, PoC characters will no longer be voiced by white actors. This presumably includes the likes of Hank Azara (“Apu”, “Carl”, “Bumblebee Man” and “Lou”), Harry Shearer (“Dr. Hibbert”), and Tress MacNeille (“Manjula”).

Our Take

There are other characters from Family Guy that will probably also be under consideration like “Loretta” and “Tricia Takanawa”, two Alex Borstein-voiced characters (we haven’t seen Loretta much anyway, but Tricia might be another story). That said, Alex usually has the guts to challenge conventions and may not waver.

The one thing that could be in trouble here, syndication. With streaming services going back and removing mentions of blackface from live-action shows, don’t be surprised to see Disney+ remove any episodes with any of the aforementioned characters, same goes for Hulu and Family Guy/The Cleveland Show. Moreover, all of the shows do well in TV syndication, so expect 20th Century FOX to possibly lose a lot in renewal fees for syndicated franchises that now are under attack by extreme left-wing all the while losing conservative audiences who like all of the shows to stay as is.

Gender-swapped roles will also soon be under scrutiny, so expect to see the likes of Tina and Linda Belcher (voiced by men), Bart Simpson (voiced by a woman), and others all be combed over for potential “canceling”.

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