Even ‘Axe Cop’ has no idea where more ‘Axe Cop’ is…


Nick Offerman recently did an interview for TV Guide where he talked up his guest spot on The Simpsons which aired last night on FOX. During the course of the interview, Nick had offered up an anecdote on where the hell the future of Axe Cop is and he had this to say:

I think there’s a lot of arm wrestling going on [at Fox], trying to figure out what they’re going to do with the ADHD cartoon block. I am crazy about Axe Cop and certainly hope to do a great many more episodes of it. But I’m waiting in the dark like the rest of us.

Yep…so not only do the producers not know where Axe Cop is, nor do we, but the fucking voice of Axe Cop has no idea where new episodes of Axe Cop is. The series aired its first full season on FOX’s Animation Domination Hi-Def block, and then FOX had announced that they were cancelling the Saturday Night version of the hour-long cartoon craziness in favor of a Sunday Night prime-time block. However, we still get reruns of ADHD every Saturday Night (affiliate-permitting) which is odd because we know that new seasons of Lucas Bros., Stone Quackersand yes Axe Cop are in the bank and ready to go.

As of now, nothing seems to be changing with that situation, but maybe when the Sunday Night ADHD block premiers in June of 2015, we can fix that.

John Schwarz

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