English Dub Review: Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon “The Barrier at Mount Musubi”



To get a kyokon root everyone needs to gain access to Mount Musubi. Unfortunately, Setsuna and Towa enter a dream world with no means of escape. Luckily for them, Moroha also happens to have spirit powers not just demon powers. Which will be just what they need to continue on. Along with the help of an interesting new friend.

Our Take:

We are introduced to Rion, Kirinmaru’s daughter, and we get more flashbacks of Kirinmaru. Rion could be a very interesting character coming up. She seems to be helping the girls but I wouldn’t put a betrayal past her because of her father. Then again Rion seems like a sweet kid so I hope I’m wrong. On the topic of Rion, I am pretty sure it’s Cassandra Lee Morris who voices her. That’s my biggest problem with these dubs lately is no confirmation on side character VA’s.

After this episode, I think that Moroha might be my favorite. She’s the fun one but she also knows when to get serious. I also really like her outfit and general aesthetic. She’s got the archer thing going for her but also can mix it up with a sword. I was happy she got to shine this episode. Since her mother is Kagome she also has plenty of spirit power so mixing it up in the dream world is right up her alley. It was a little heartbreaking that she saw her parents but didn’t get to spend any time with them.

One of the weird things about Yashahime is Moroha herself. Like as the daughter of the two main characters from Inuyasha you would think she would be the main character. I guess you could argue she is one of three main characters but it seems like more of the spotlight is given to Towa and Setsuna. Just a little weird to me because of her status but it also makes her moments all the more special.


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