English Dub Review: Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out “Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!”



Uzaki is determined to help Sakurai get some friends.

Our Take:

Uzaki is… kind of terrible? I don’t mean the show, the show is fine. But Uzaki herself is kind of a terrible person? She has taken on the role of hanging out with Sakurai after noticing that he doesn’t really spend time with anyone else on campus, which alright, seems honorable. You would expect that the story that follows is Uzaki trying to get Sakurai to have fun and wacky hijinks ensuing as their idea of fun doesn’t match up together. What happens isn’t that but Uzaki barging her way into Sakurai’s life and demanding that they spend time together. That’s fine, but when Uzaki decides to tag along to the movies she ends up insulting his hobbies? Sakurai goes to see the movies by himself a lot, enough that he has enough saved for a free ticket on his point card, and he’s clearly passionate about movies. Seeing movies with friends is fun, but it’s not that uncommon to watch things on your own now, and Uzaki thinks that the way to bond with someone is to make fun of the thing they like. The show kind of plays this for laughs and acts like this is supposed to be charming, which is, well, I hate to say it, but making fun of someone’s hobbies is an awful way to bond with them. She also doesn’t seem interested in Sakurai himself, only on what her view of fun is, so she’s really not doing a great job at being someone that people would want to spend time with.

Most importantly. it becomes abundantly clear that Sakurai has a pretty good idea of what he finds enjoyable. He likes movies, and is pretty flexible, willing to try new things out if given the opportunity. He also has a fairly positive mindset, seeing that even though Uzaki is kind of a bother, he did have a enjoyable time with her. Sakurai so far seems like a perfectly normal guy. Sure, the whole thing that gets Uzaki to start hanging out with him is that he has a loner lifestyle, and from the outside that may seem like a bad thing. After all, college is the time for work but also for socializing. We don’t know what Sakurai does in his time outside of school besides go to the movies a lot, so that’s still a mystery.

It is only the first episode and maybe the humor will pick up in future episodes, but it doesn’t seem that great so far, if only for the fact that Uzaki doesn’t have any positives going for her. The voice acting is fine though. Plot wise I’m not on board, but if you like moe petite girls with huge chests that have no social awareness, then this show is one for you.

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