English Dub Review: Tonikawa Over The Moon For You “Husband and Wife”


Nasa comes down with a fever while at work. Despite his claims of being fine, Tsukasa takes him to the hospital and starts to nurse him back to health. After recovering, the two of them head to a summer festival. When Nasa begins to wonder about how many people out there worry about him, Tsukasa has something to say…

Our Take

This was quite a way to go for a season finale. It may have felt obligatory that it had to end at some traditional Japanese festival, but at least the proceedings remained wholesome. In many ways the writing of both the Manga and the show felt like a tutorial for newlyweds without going too far into the sexual aspect otherwise it would’ve gone too-adult.

Speaking of the writing. Nasa and Tsukasa’s chemistry remains strong on a consistent level and everything that’s culminated to this moment such as visiting Nasa’s parents to living with Kaname and Aya at the bathhouse, to shopping for wedding rings. It managed to not reduce its characters by avoiding forced contrived drama for the sake of keeping them from being a couple like some shitty Romantic Comedy or a CW Drama. Lesser writers in Hollywood would’ve done that with a bullshit “3rd act misunderstanding” just to stretch the running time and it would’ve been cheap.

Overall this show was entertaining. Outside of Nasa getting sick, nothing really happened in this episode. What keeps me from giving this a higher rating is the sheer vagueness of Tsukasa’s backstory. She may have revealed some weird pieces of information about herself that was oddly specific, but nothing that completely fleshed out her past. Still, I expected at least some insight into her identity by the end of this season. Aside from that, there is no major fight or argument between Nasa and Tsukasa. I guess their relationship is not like that and keeping their relationship healthy. At the time of this review, an OVA has recently been announced but no word of a Season 2, however I wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen.

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