English Dub Review: To Your Eternity “The Children’s Dreams”



Fushi in a rough intense battle just barely manages to take down the Nokkers. Later, he opens up to the others, and they discuss their dreams and pasts…

Our Take

We finally get the long-awaited backstory of Tonari the weaver girl whose dream in her youth was to surprise her dad, and at the age of 7, it looks as if her family’s got it all together. But to quote the Joker, “All it takes is one bad day”. Lucky for Tonari, she met some other kids that were in the same position as her, so they started hanging out together and they all have dreams that they want to do once they successfully escape out of Jananda.

Meanwhile, Fushi’s last fight in the tournament was against Hayase who killed Parona in the previous episode because she knew Fushi would take her form. I have absolutely no qualms against Fushi straight up wanting to kill the bitch as she’s effectively a hateful, vengeful maniac which was a scene that was also rough to watch. We also learn that Hayase was the mastermind who set the whole thing up by getting Fushi and Pioran on the island in the first place who felt the need to explain it away like she was some sort of Bond villain.

Overall, as a character, Tonari’s backstory was great and very much needed, but I wish the writing wouldn’t rely so much on tragic flashbacks to try to understand morally ambiguous characters. It’s also crazy to assume what Hayase is going to do next as she seems to have lost it completely and is dead set on doing everything to torment the immortal Fushi to her own satisfaction. I hope there’s more to all this because this show often gives a better explanation/perspective in later episodes…