English Dub Review: The Silver Guardian “Suigin Gets Closer to Riku Rei!”

Is this one of the most disappointing series of the year.

The Silver Guardian continues its story arc with a further concentration on the relationship between Riku Rei and Suigin. While the intro episode, “Suigin Meets Riku Rei!” debuted in a non-linear way, the second episode plays it straight.

“Suigin Gets Closer to Riku Rei!” portrays Riku and Suigin first meeting. Rather than in the real world, they first come into contact in a video game, Dungeon Century. While it’s a fictional game, Dungeon Century features elements of RPGs. Suigin’s character Gwin, saves Rei’s character, appropriately named Ray.ter, appropriately named Ray.

While I really enjoyed the video game and fictional RPG aspects, I wish the episode dwelled more on these. The human connections on some level felt a bit too trite. It’s the classic setup where one party in a potential romance perceives themselves as out of the other’s league. Suigin works any odd-job available and is a poor student. Whereas Rei is a well-to-do university student. Moreover, her father created Dungeon Century. Rei wishes to meet in the real-world, but Suigin feels unworthy.

The backstory is pretty predictable. But nevertheless “Suigin Gets Closer to Riku Rei!” is an incredibly heartbreaking, sad The Silver Guardian episode. It’s at least implied that Riku and Suigin become friends. Still, Suigin’slack of confidence and self-doubt on account of social status is gutwrenching. So although The Silver Guardian might lack a unique premise, at least in this episode, it’s successful in its emotive nature.

I do appreciate that the show is able to evoke sentiments connecting with characters. Additionally, I quite enjoy the RPG facets. There appears to be a strong in-game narrative and logic. From the intro episode, RPG elements are poised to continue. Despite its lack of originality, “Suigin Gets Closer to Riku Rei!” manages to entertain and moreover foster a true sense of characters. I just hope the follow up is less depressing. And predictable.


Moe Long

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