English Dub Review: The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent “Summoning”

Overview (Spoilers Below):

Sei Takanashi and a younger girl from Japan appear in another world after a Saint summoning ceremony. However, the prince ignores her in favor of the younger girl and she’s unable to leave and return to her world. After two weeks, Sei out of boredom takes a walk and comes across a herb garden at the Institute of Research. A researcher, Jude explains the use of the medical herbs in potions to her. After getting a tour of the Institute and continuing her visits Sei decides to work there as a researcher. She makes her first potion under Jude’s instruction.

One day another researcher asks if she made one of the potions. Sei gets information that her potions are 50% stronger than the regular potions. A few months later, an emergency happens with the Knights of the Third Order and the Institute gathers up all their potions. Sei sees the grave injuries inflicted on by a salamander. Sei heals the commander of the group with her high-grade potion.


Our Take:

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent is an isekai romance with good animation and voice acting. For starters, I enjoyed how the magic circle appeared underneath Sei. Sei’s voice actor, Celeste Perez did a good job on Sei’s interactions after her one-way trip to Salutania.

The first episode was a good start from the beginning setting up the perils of the country’s issue with miasma and Sei’s normal life before being summoned to the kingdom of Salutania. Then there’s the friction between the country and Sei because Prince Kyle (Adam McArthur) ignored Sei in the beginning. I do wonder how the anime will deal with that. It’s refreshing for the anime to perceive the girls’ situation as a forceful favor from the kingdom when most isekai anime protagonists just go with the flow and don’t think about returning to Earth.

Then there’s Sei getting used to life in the kingdom of Salutania. She uses her knowledge of herbs to grab a foothold in the world. Her interactions with other people, especially at the Institute help Sei gain knowledge of the world and her abilities. The ending with her saving the handsome Commander of the Knights of the Third Order is sure to spark another interaction between the two.

Overall it’s a good first episode and I’m excited to see how Sei will live in the new world as a researcher.


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