English Dub Review: The Rising of the Shield Hero “Guardians of Another World”

One more episode left before the grand finale.

Learning about an oncoming wave in the previous episode, Naofumi warns Queen Mirellia and in response to this, amasses a large naval fleet with civilians evacuated for safety which show’s how she’s a better leader compared to her “Trash” husband. HA! Of course, we also see the newbie characters L’Arc and Therese also sail to the waves with the Fleet. While the navy fights the smaller creatures, the Four Heroes fight the Boss monster, but they are unable to even give the damn creature a scratch but it’s L’Arc and Therese that ultimately kill it. But in a bizarre twist when you blindly think everything is all fine & dandy, L’Arc and Therese reveal their true intentions and explain that they are from yet another/universe besieged by the Waves, and according to their twisted logic, In order to save their homeworld, All four heroes must be killed.

As L’Arc easily makes quick work of the Three Heroes with how powerful he is, Therese keeps the Fleet at bay, leaving only Naofumi’s party to face them because let’s face it, Naofumi and his crew aren’t arrogant, insipid Douche-Nozzles who constantly took the easy way out like the other 3 Heroes have. At first, L’Arc & Therese initially manage to partly bypass Naofumi’s defenses, but thankfully Melty then intervenes with her presence contributing magical support, helping Naofumi stay focused. Naofumi’s party soon outsmart the two using clever tactics, resulting in L’Arc being wounded, but the episode ends on an even bigger twist involving the sudden arrival of the character Glass and revealing a twist that was easy to put the pieces together…

Our Take

While the action scenes were excellent, the more interesting Twists in regards to L’Arc’s ties with Glass are possibly what kept the intrigue going for me, but I’m really hoping they end up winning but for the sake of the plot, we already know whos coming out on top, yet it remains to be seen if the show will subvert our expectations once more.

Also, did the other heroes really give up that fast? They’re supposed to be the so-called chosen ones yet they barely did anything to prove they’re any sort of team that makes me hard to root for given their shitty track-record of their consistent douchery. With one episode left next week, I can’t wait to see the Grandiose climax this season or if they’ll be another Season in the future at all.

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