English Dub Review: The Promised Neverland “291045”

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough!…kids ready to escape.


Isabella warns Krone not to interfere since she has her own plans to deal with the kids who know the truth. Emma, Norman, and Ray also have plans, with hopes to escape in ten days and inform their siblings Don and Gilda of the truth so they can lead more groups out during the escape. Don and Gilda are naturally don’t take the news well, but quickly decide to help out with the plan. Though they’re also among candidates for who might be Isabella’s informant, a topic Emma is scared to approach because she’d rather not suspect anybody. To test them, Norman tells Ray that he’ll be telling both Don and Gilda where he’s hidden the rope, but will tell them two different places. So, if Isabella finds it, he’ll know which one is the traitor.

That night, Isabella receives a note that the rope is in Norman’s bed, the place he said he’d tell Don to look. Emma also sees Gilda wander out of bed and make her way to Krone’s room, where Krone interrogates her about what Emma told her, but Gilda doesn’t crack. The next day, the Norman and Ray discuss the traitor’s motives, which may be guaranteed survival from being eaten. Norman asks Emma if she would still take that person with them even if they betrayed, to which she answers she would take them because their escape would put that person in danger. When Norman and Ray check under the bed and find the rope gone, Norman determines this means that Ray is the real traitor.


Covering shows with a solidly good track record is sometimes a challenge for me. There’s a limit to how many times I can say “yep, that was really good” when describing all the same reasons for multiple weeks. That’s not to say I have a problem describing good things in a series, just that when it’s still utilizing those aspects in an impressive way, it becomes more and more difficult to come up with different ways that this is working for me. The upside of this being that I am at least enjoying watching it happen, which is definitely something I can say for this show thus far.

Being about a third into the season, this seems about the right time to introduce more characters into the plan, especially after Krone has doubled the threat level that was previously only Isabella. Don looks like he’ll be good at adding a level of levity to what is a pretty tense and drastic situation (which usually means he’s going to die first), while Gilda contrasts that by being meek and contemplative with a clear attachment to Emma. It’s likely because of this, and her being informed about the plan, that Gilda didn’t rat her out when pushed by Krone, otherwise she might have accidentally pointed Krone to suspect her more by showing concern for Emma’s recent change in mood. They’re slightly younger in age to the main three, though they still look like they’ll be able to serve the escape plan well enough.

But just as we’ve almost doubled the kids’ brain power, it looks like we’ve already found the traitor working against them: Ray. I have to say I didn’t expect this to be revealed so soon, seeing how we still have two-thirds remaining in the season, but it certainly keeps me on my toes in terms of wondering what will happen next. The way Norman tested him by telling what he would tell Don and Gilda was a pretty clever way to smoke him out. I wondered how it was going to work to point out which of the two it could be, but after the reveal, I realized he probably didn’t tell Don or Gilda anything, just Ray. That way, the only way the rope would be found is if Ray went looking, which led to him being caught. How this will be handled and whether or not Ray can be redeemed looks to be what we focus on next week.

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