English Dub Review: The Misfit of Demon King Academy “The Witch of Destruction”


2000 years ago, Anos, the then Demon King, sacrifices himself to end a Human/Demon war by using his magic to create a barrier between the races for a millennium. He does this with the help of the humans’ hero, Kanon, who he believes that he’ll be friends with once they reincarnate in 2000 years.

In present day, Anos is merely a student at the school that bares his name and doesn’t seem to be making a great impression with most so far. He learns that his name has been corrupted throughout the centuries and that apparently the one in their class that shares the closest resemblance with society’s perception of the Demon King is Sasha Necron, Misha’s sister. He faces Sasha in a magical duel in the Team Competition Exam, with the loser joining the other’s team. Despite his team consisting of just him and Misha, Anos wipes the floor with Sasha and her team, thereby putting them on the same team. He also says her special magic eyes are beautiful. He then invites her to dinner with his family and Misha, allowing the two sisters to reconcile a bit. As thanks for this, Sasha gives him a kiss, though she insists this is just a friendly kiss. She also asks what he would do if his fate was already sealed, to which he says he would simply destroy that fate.


Well, this show continues to not surprise in the least in what kind of power fantasy it is as Anos rather easily adds the second member of his harem. And naturally, since Misha is the shy and soft spoken type, the next one would have to be a tsundere to balance things out. And at this point, there really doesn’t seem to be much point in viewing either of them beyond that detail since their role in the story so far seems to pretty much just show how Anos is so awesome that he is just picking up girls left and right. Then again, this show’s central theme seems to pretty much just be “Anos is awesome”, as shown with him correcting teachers on how to teach effective magic, beating top students with only the weakest of spells, resolving their family issues and getting them to kiss him, and generally acting like total hot shot without a shred of irony because he was the Demon King and therefore he is beholden to no one.

So you can probably surmise that this series doesn’t seem to have even the slightest bit of tension to it so far with all of that in mind, as Anos has shown to be able to get himself out of any predicament through only the slightest bit of effort while showing that anyone who would dare oppose him is wrong even for trying. This makes things a bit difficult to get very invested in, seeing how victory is pretty much assured from the get go. Some might say that being the hero of the story pretty much seals that anyway, but stories at least do something to make you think there’s a chance there MIGHT be some tension. Not so with this series I guess. This is why I’m not super enthused by this potential plot of Anos learning why his name has been changed in the history books, seeing as it seems like just a matter of finding out who’s responsible and immediately disintegrating them, then probably dating their daughter and possibly dropping a magical turd on their grave for good measure. But with eleven episodes in the season to go, I’m certainly not going to help my experience with this sort of attitude only two episodes in, so maybe future episodes will provide some other characters and concepts worth latching onto since Anos himself is so one note.

David Kaldor

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