English Dub Review: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War “The Ashy Curse Continues Past a Sealed Fate”



Master Glark has been murdered, and Rogan takes advantage of this to seize the leadership of North Ambria. He, the radical Phenomenon Squad, and archaisms take over Haliask and begin to provoke the Empire by refusing their demands for reparation.

Our Take:

I said “power grab” not “power struggle” because there wasn’t one at all. Rogan took full advantage even though he wasn’t the one who killed Glark. This did lead to one of the worst “hostage” scenes I’ve ever seen though. Lavie took Rogan as her hostage but it was the most half-hearted thing I might have ever seen. He has a couple of feet on her so her knife didn’t even reach his neck but there ya go I guess.

The frustrating thing is that if you’ve played the games you more or less know how this ends but at least sometimes you can still make an interesting story out of the “how” it happened. As for now, I wouldn’t say that’s the case here which is disappointing, to say the least. I was really looking forward to this anime and up till now it just hasn’t met my expectations. By no means is this the worst anime this series has churned out but it could be a lot better.