English Dub Review: The Faraway Paladin “The Wandering Sage”



Five years have passed since Will learned Mary’s secret, and he is now 13. His undead parents’ lessons grow ever more difficult, but Will manages to stick to it. One day, Blood gives him an assignment requiring him to escape from the ruins in the city. Will desperately tries to fight his way out, but an odd sensation of malice stops him. It turns out that malice was coming from an unexpected source. 

Our Take(Possible Spoilers):

I like getting to see all the different stages of a character’s life. Stories that span multiple years are always really enjoyable for me so getting to see Will mature and grow is a big plus for me with The Faraway Paladin. I hope we get to go further into the character’s life. This show is giving me So I’m a Spider, So What? vibes and believe me that is a very good thing. That show is like peak isekai, so if this gets anywhere close that will be amazing.

Will’s tasks and lessons have been getting increasingly more difficult. Blood gives him a very hard task in the ruined city to escape from its sewers all on his own. While there he is confronted by someone he wasn’t expecting. His teacher Gus the ghost. What ensues is a fight to the death from Will’s perspective, but Gus plays it off like a part of the exercise. I bring it up because I think it could lead to an interesting plotline in the future if explored properly.

Since Will is getting older I am hoping that means he will strike out on his own. If the opening is anything to go by he is going to meet a few humans. Potentially one of them being a love interest? I hope so, I need a little romance in most things I watch. The Faraway Paladin has fun and nuanced characters and pretty interesting world-building so far. Crunchyroll does an excellent job of getting their dubs out weekly once they start up so I look forward to covering this next week as well!

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