English Dub Review: The Devil is a Part-Timer! “The Devil Learns the Pain of Losing Something Precious”



Emi attends a sleepover at the Devil’s Castle. But in the morning, the fight for Alas Ramus and the sacred sword begins. Will Maou and Emi win? Will Gabriel take what’s precious? Will there be a magical girl transformation sequence?!

Our Take:

Gabriel might be Ian Sinclair’s best role, and that’s saying something. I love how he portrays this angel and all the jokes he makes, especially when you stop to think that it’s an angel saying them. But the best line of the episode has to go to the random lady who so a cosmic battle going on and says “Must be the drugs”. I imagine that would be a lot of people’s reactions even if they didn’t do drugs.

What I would love most would be if Maou, Emi, and Alas Ramus just became a real family. They are so cute together that it would be a shame if that didn’t happen. But something tells me that Alas will not be around forever. This just feels like one of those anime arcs that end in a sad way. This season has been a treat and I would argue well worth the wait it took to get it.