English Dub Review: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: “Megiddo”

Overview: Hakuro (Charles Campbell) faces off against Kyoya (Kyle Phillips) for the revenge he so desires, while Gled (Jim Foranda) puts Shogo (Matt Shipman) in his place as Tempest’s slaughter of Falmuth’s forces is finally at hand. 

Our Take: Absolute Massacre. That’s what this episode should be called. That is the most apt description and there is truly no better way to describe it. Every fan keeping pace with the series was most assuredly expecting it (myself included). Even taking that into consideration, it does nothing to lessen the impact of this episode. 

With all of Rimuru’s forces converging onto those of Falmuth’s camped out around his nation, “Megiddo” is nothing but an all out attack. And you couldn’t have asked for a more gratifying response. Everyone gets a little piece of this episode pie and their time to shine with Goburu, Benimaru and Souei each getting their own awesome moments to kick off the conflict. However, Hakuro’s revenge on Kyoya hands down was the most satisfying of them all and the main centerpiece of this episode. When you have uppity, conceited antagonists who’s sole role is to be utter scum, it becomes a case of déjà vu as you know exactly what unkind fates await them. Which in turn makes their just desserts that much more sweet and satisfying. That’s very much the case here. Hakuro’s beautifully and swiftly animated Crestwater Slash properly and brutally beheading him, after effortlessly brushing off his attacks, was the icing on the cake. While enjoyable, on the flipside and in classic holier-than-thou fashion, Kyoya along with Shogo and Kirara never amounted to being anything more than that. It is an especially big missed opportunity with them being the first humans reincarnated that have been introduced thus far and to be clichély squandered. 

Speaking of Shogo and Kirara, father fate was none the kinder to them either. The orc lord himself, Geld, faced off against Shogo in what is the secondary core of the tenth episode with him giving the cocky human the beatdown of a lifetime. The sheer brutality of Geld just wailing on him was not astonishing to watch but, like Kyoya, felt oh so deserved. It’s even more embarrassing and enjoyable when taken into account after viciously killing Kirara and gaining new regenerative abilities because of it. Without a doubt, a befitting death for her as well. That also brings me to the evident pattern of the those three getting the cruelty that they dished out to others. One of the strongest moments reflecting that being Shogo’s ceremoniously short lived life, after being saved during his painful ordeal, only to be killed moments after by Razen. Effectively putting the ball into his court by making the magic user more powerful and hopefully making for some somewhat more fun cannon fodder before Rimuru’s eventual rise to demon lord. Rimuru’s super attack, the name for this titular episode, Megiddo, proves to be a lot more precise than anticipated making for a pleasant surprise and wonderfully savage sign for things to come. 

Reincarnated as a Slime returns with a jaw dropping, action packed episode that is exciting from beginning to end as Rimuru and his friends get their rightful vengeance. 

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