English Dub Review: Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town? “Suppose Someone took Flirtation Advice on a Magazine way too Seriously?”



A lot happened this week. Marie gets Lloyd to help get a holy sword, there’s a magical tournament with another school happening. We are introduced to a few new characters. The mercenary sisters Mena, and Phyllo. The leader of their school and Riho’s former friend, Rol. A fellow soldier academy student who seems to be in love with Marie and hates Lloyd, Micona.

Our Take:

Got some new cast members to shout out this week. We got Felicia Valenti playing Mena, Elsie Lovelock playing Phyllo, Michele Knotz playing Rol, and Dawn M. Bennett playing Micona. While watching the sub I loved the introduction of these characters so I was anticipating seeing who would get these roles. Not too much to show in this episode but I think they will do a great job.

You kind of have to feel bad for Lloyd, the kid feels useless and has poor self-confidence. He’s not allowed to participate in the magic tournament because his spells are so powerful that he would kill someone. No one tells him this so he just thinks he’s no good. So when Micona calls him useless during training he fully believes her. We all wish this kid could see how amazing he is because he is definitely Best Boy 2021 material.

Seeing how Riho got her prosthetic arm was both heartwarming and sad at the exact same time. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something her friend did for her out of the warmth of her heart. Rol grew up in the same orphanage as Riho and thought that with a mithril arm she could pull out the holy sword (no one tell them Lloyd already did). I hope Rol doesn’t turn out to be all bad and was actually thinking of Riho but I guess only time will tell.

In other news, Lloyd asked Riho out on a date while she was feeling down. Much to Selen’s dismay and horror. Lloyd wanted to cheer Riho up after running into Rol and thought going to tea was a good way. I think Riho may have accidentally joined the battle for Lloyd’s affections. This will be tough because it got its toughest competitor yet this week.

That’s right enter Phyllo Quinone, a super tough mercenary. While looking for Riho she and her sister happened upon Marie’s shop. When Lloyd comes home Phyllo senses danger (like everyone else it seems) and immediately attacks. Lloyd thought she was swatting a fly and apologizes for getting in the way. Our poor sweet boy. Seeing how well Lloyd took the hit, Phyllo now wants to study under him. This of course does not sit well with Selen who goes yandere on Phyllo. If anyone was going to give Selen a run for her money it will be Phyllo in my opinion.

We got a tournament arc to look forward and I don’t think the conflict with Micona is over either. How will Lloyd’s school fair without him competing as well? No clue but I can guarantee it will be funny. This shows cast of characters just gets bigger and better.


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