English Dub Review: Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202 “Desler’s Challenge”

Challenge accepted?

Overall (Spoilers Below)

This week, we see the Yamato barely make it out of a vortex that’s being shot at by a mega gun controlled by none other than Desler. Yep, and worst yet, he doesn’t even take a side between Earth or the Gatlantians, and is totally fine with seeing the universe burn so long as it means he gets revenge. This makes him more reckless and terrifying than ever, and he’s even got a spy implanted on the inside of the Yamato.

Our Take

We haven’t had a bunch of episodes this season that featured as much high-octane crazy shit as we did last season. Fortunately, we got a heavy dose of it this week in what was by far the most exciting sequences of the 2022 run. While the overall premise of this season is still rearing it’s ugly head in attempted relevancy, Desler’s return at least makes for a way more fun villain than what we were fucking with before, and as such, has me more excited for a potential huge battle.


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