English Dub Review: Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 “One Man’s War”

We go to war!

Overall (Spoilers Below)

After withstanding a major blow from the Gamilas, Okita orders the Yamato to strike at the heart of their enemy’s home base which causes Dessler to escape to a space station known as the Second Baleras. To try and destroy the Yamato, Dessler wants to sacrifice his own people but is destroyed on the inside by an unlikely ally of the Terrains. In the end, we see Kodai depart on a mission to save Yuki while floating in space.

Our Take

As good as the action sequences were, this was the first time I got an immense wave of emotion over me due to the characters. With Okita knocking on death’s door, and The Martian-like scene with Kodai and Yuki in space, the producers did a fantastic job of highlighting humanity’s biggest extremes, life and death, all the while delivering a visual marvel. Throw in the fun wrenches at the end that should remind those of the Ben Affleck-Bruce Willis switcheroo at the end of Armageddon, and this week’s episode does a great job of beginning the descent of the show’s season.



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